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5 June
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i am

i am a wife and mother.
wife to usefulidiot.
mother to loganphilip.
i love my family, and they're the topic of most posts.

i am, however, quite opinionated.
and occasionally i will post something NOT about my family and a lot of times this pisses people off.
if you think i'm gonna piss you off, don't add me.
if i piss you off and you feel the need to bitch about me in your journal, just know that i WILL link to it in my journal.

everyone is allowed their opinion. i will not tell someone they are WRONG (unless they actually DO state something untrue). but leave your opinions in YOUR journal before coming to mine. i give you that much, and i expect the same respect.

i'm an eager beaver when it comes to deleting comments and banning people - just so ya know...

also, i didn't think i needed to state this, but as some ljers seem to take lj FAR too seriously...apparenly i must...
i don't have time to comment all the time.
nor do i have time to reply to every comment.
if that annoys you, then i'm not the lj friend for you.

all that said, go ahead and add me as a friend if you're interested in reading about my everyday life. if you plan to skim me - don't add me! just bookmark me. and also remember that i may not add you back. (c: i'm not a people collector.

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